Stencil a Storm Drain

Children sweeping and stenciling a storm drain

Request a Stencil Kit

Get outside, volunteer, and do your part to help raise awareness about stormwater pollution and water quality in Seattle neighborhoods. To be a year-round steward to help our rain drain, please consider adopting your storm drain.

Storm Drain Stencil volunteers are welcome to sign-up and get a free reusable kit in the months of April through October. Painting stencils next to storm drains highlights the connection that the rainwater running off our rooftops, and through our yards and streets, flows into storm drains and impacts life in the Puget Sound Region.

If you or a group/organization are interested in becoming a storm drain stencil volunteer, please fill out our online interest form. If you have a specific question, please email

How does a stencil help? Most storm drains direct water and pollutants to a nearby stream, lake, or Puget Sound. A stenciled drain reminds the community that what goes into the drain will end up in local waterways directly affecting wildlife and people. When people make the storm drain connection, they are less likely to dump pollutants like soaps, paints, antifreeze, and used motor oil into storm drains.

Photo of child adding a stencil

Spring and Summer 2022

TBD. Please check back in March 2022. All previous volunteers and interested parties who have filled out our form will receive notification of the confirmed schedule.

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