Compost and Soil

Build Healthy Soil with Compost and Mulch

Photo of woman shoveling compost
Spreading compost for healthy soil.

Healthy plants grow in healthy soil, growing deeper roots in soil that holds more water and nutrients. So building your soil with organic materials like compost and mulch is the best way to save water, recycle yard waste, reduce runoff, and save work in your lawn and garden.

Backyard Composting
Learn how to make your own compost at home from yard and food waste. Compost is a dark, earthy material naturally produced by decaying plants. Composted organic matter supports a web of soil life, which keeps your soil loose, moisture-holding, fertile and well-drained.

Growing Healthy Soil
Learn how to use compost and mulch, solve soil problems for healthier lawns and gardens, fertilize less to protect our waterways, and help slow and filter runoff.