Online Learning

More than 1.5 million people get clean drinking water from the Cedar and Tolt River Watersheds. Going on a field trip or tour is great, but now you can experience the watersheds from anywhere. Explore our Online Learning site to dive into many topics related to your drinking water!

Photo of a guided tour at the watershed
Experience the Cedar River Watershed wherever you are! Learn about the water cycle, watersheds, and the Seattle area's mountain-fresh water supply.
Photo of the exterior of the Education Center
See engaging ways to explore the Cedar River Watershed Education Center from afar.
Photo of a dam at the watershed
Discover the process of how water flows from mountain forests to faucets in the greater Seattle area.
Photo of the watershed on a clear morning
Find out how the sources of Seattle's water, the Cedar and Tolt Municipal Watersheds, are managed now and for the future.
Photo of a man washing dishes in his kitchen
Learn how water use is connected to environmental health. Explore ways to save water and money.
Historical photo of an early watershed settlement
Learn how the watersheds featured in the histories of native peoples and others over time.