Urban Stormwater Program

Classroom Visits and Teacher Professional Development

Classroom Visits

SPU partners with Islandwood to provide stormwater lessons to students in grades 3-5. During these hands-on, one hour lessons students build an understanding of where water goes when it rains in their communities and the role that they play in preventing polluted stormwater from entering our waterways. Lessons align with the Next Generation Science Standards and follow the Ambitious Science Teaching framework.

Visit the Islandwood website to register for a programs.



Teacher Professional Development

SPU also partners with Islandwood to offer professional development to elementary teachers. Workshops are Next Generation Science Standards focused, and help teachers build an understanding of Seattle's urban waters systems. Participants leave with teacher-driven ideas for how to incorporate stormwater related phenomena into their own teaching.

Visit the Islandwood website to learn about upcoming professional development opportunities.