Construction Impacts (General)

While Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) performs necessary repairs and upgrades to our systems and facilities, we know that this work is impactful to community. SPU project teams work hard to identify ways to minimize these construction impacts.

To achieve this, our project teams share project updates to inform residents and businesses about the work and engage directly with community to identify mitigations when construction impacts are expected to be particularly disruptive.

As with most construction, utilities projects may result in:

  • Increased noise, dirt, dust, and/or vibrations
  • Construction traffic and staging of large equipment in the area
  • Lane or road closures with possible detours
  • Parking restrictions in or near the work area
  • Some construction projects may require temporary service disruptions

Whether it is SPU crews performing maintenance or a contractor doing construction, safety is a top priority. We ask that you please respect on site signage and remain a safe distance from the construction site.

Learn more about SPU's current construction projects, what to expect during sewer repairs, and preparing for water outages.