Irrigation Only Water Services

New or existing water services used exclusively for irrigation (ie. irrigation only) may be eligible for exemption from wastewater charges for water that does not enter the sanitary sewer. These services must be connected to an in-ground sprinkler or drip irrigation system.

The following types of connections may be allowed if they meet our requirements:

  • Loose key hose bibs may be installed on community gardens if the hose bibs are located solely within the gardening area and cannot be used for any other purposes other than irrigation. Other above-ground connections such as hose bibs and yard hydrants are not authorized.
  • Quick couplers are authorized if they are strictly for irrigation or blowing out the system for winterization. If quick couplers are readily accessible and used for pressure washing or other activities, they are not authorized.
  • Some buildings with irrigation have a drain line used to drain the interior pipes for winterization. Drain lines are not authorized for irrigation only services since water discharged into that drain flows into the wastewater system. If the drain line is plumbed to the dedicated irrigation service, it will need to be removed and plugged with an authorized soldered cap. Threaded caps are not sufficient.

 When you are ready for an irrigation only water service inspection, please call (206) 256-5500. You will need the following information:

  1. Confirmation that private plumbing for the irrigation service is connected to the City union to complete a flow test.
  2. Site plans or a sketch of the irrigation system.
  3. The name of an on-site contact who will be present during the inspection and able to answer specific questions regarding the irrigation system.

You may also contact us at (206) 256-5500 prior to the inspection with any questions. Once the inspection is completed and approved, the SPU account will be updated.

Important Note: Typically, only one domestic water service is allowed per parcel. If your irrigation only water service inspection doesn't pass or the water service is not ultimately used for irrigation only, you will be required to retire the water service at your expense.

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