Solid Waste Management Plan (2011 Revision)

Photo of an unusual sculpture
Artwork shown in the Solid Waste Management Plan is from our Portable Works Collection. Photos by Mike Spafford.

The 2011 Solid Waste Management Plan Revision, "Picking Up the Pace Toward Zero Waste" (2011 Revision), describes how Seattle will manage the city's solid waste over the next 20 years. We finished revising the plan in the summer of 2013 with updated artwork and chapters below. The State of Washington Department of Ecology approved the revised plan on June 25, 2013. Hardcopies are available at the Seattle Public Library, Downtown Branch.

The City is in the process of updating the 2011 Revision.


2011 Revision Sections

All documents are in PDF format.

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Revising Seattle's Solid Waste Plan

  • 1.1 What's Being Revised
  • 1.2 Planning History Overview
  • 1.3 Planning Process – Continuing the Vision and Goals

Chapter 2 - Seattle Solid Waste Trends

  • 2.1 Physical Environment
  • 2.2 Human Environment
  • 2.3 Waste Definitions
  • 2.4 MSW Recycling Measurement
  • 2.5 Waste & Recycling Trends

Chapter 3 - Waste Prevention

  • 3.1 Recommendations from 1998 Plan and 2004 Amendment
  • 3.2 Planning Issues for this Update
  • 3.3 Current Programs and Practices
  • 3.4 Alternatives and Recommendations
  • 3.5 Measurement

Chapter 4 - Seattle’s MSW System: Managing Discards

  • 4.1 Where MSW Starts and Ends
  • 4.2 Collection
  • 4.3 Recycling
  • 4.4 Transfer Facilities
  • 4.5 Processing and Disposal
  • 4.6 Surveillance & Control (Enforcement)
  • 4.7 Emergency Management

Chapter 5 - Other Seattle Solid Waste Programs

  • 5.1 Construction and Demolition Debris
  • 5.2 Historic Landfills
  • 5.3 Clean City Programs
  • 5.4 Moderate Risk Waste
  • 5.5 Special Waste

Chapter 6 - Administration and Financing the Plan

  • 6.1 Organization and Mission of Seattle Public Utilities
  • 6.2 Education
  • 6.3 Financing the Plan



Appendix A Glossary, List of Acronyms
Appendix B Zero Waste Resolution (30990)
Appendix C Public Involvement Plan
Appendix D Recycling Potential Assessment (RPA) Model and Environmental Benefits Analysis
Appendix E Recycling Reporting
Appendix F State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) documents
Appendix G Seattle Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) Participation
Appendix H Resolution of Adoption


Stakeholder Feedback

Many stakeholders generously provided feedback during the development of the plan revision. These documents contain detailed comments and survey results not included in the approved plan document.

Email with any questions about the Plan.


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