Safe Routes to School: Dunlap Elementary

 This project is complete!

This project was completed in Spring 2023.

S Rose St Sidewalk Project

Project Overview

As part of the Safe Routes to School program, the S Rose St sidewalk project completed a walking connection on S Rose St between 46th and 48th. Our main goal of the project is to create a safer, more comfortable walking connection to Dunlap Elementary School and other destinations such as light rail and transit. 

S Rose St sidewalk project final design graphic

In addition to a new sidewalk on the south side of S Rose St, improvements also include a retaining wall, curb ramps, and a planting strip with trees. To reduce speeding along S Rose St, we installed a new curb on the north side of the street combined with a mid-block chicane (a traffic calming device that allows one car to pass at a time). Two-way vehicle traffic will still be allowed on S Rose St. 

Lower Right: S Rose St looking west, before construction. Upper Right: Crews working on new retaining wall at S Rose St and 46th Ave S. Left: S Rose St looking west, after construction. New sidewalk with retaining wall on south side of road and a new curb with a mid-block chicane on the north side of road.

Rainier Ave S and S Rose St Intersection

What's happening now

We completed several improvements that will make the Rainier Ave S and S Rose St intersection safer and more comfortable for everyone. New intersection elements include extended sidewalk corners, new crosswalks, added parking on S Rose St between Rainier Ave S and Wabash Ave S, and upgraded curb ramps.

We also completed some prep work for the next phase of improvements. SDOT will install a traffic signal at this intersection, left turn lanes, and north crosswalk. 

At the intersection of Rainier Ave S and S Rose St, crews have finished pedestrian safety improvements

At the intersection of Rainier Ave S and S Rose St, crews have finished pedestrian safety improvements 

Project Map

Rainier and Rose 2023 Intersection Improvements graphic


  • S Rose St sidewalk Project -- completed in Spring 2023
  • Improvements at Rainier Ave S and S Rose St -- completed in early 2023


This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015 and our local Safe Routes to School program.


Translation & Interpretation?

We're planning to build a new sidewalk to make it safer and easier for kids to walk to school (see map). Please call for translation: (206) 775-8730

Spanish: Planeamos construir una nueva acera donde sea más seguro y sencillo que los niños caminen hacia la escuela (consulte el mapa). Llame para solicitar servicios de traducción al: (206) 775-8730.   

Amharic: ህጻናት ወደ ትምህርት ቤት ሲሄዱ ደህንነታቸው የተጠበቀና ቀላል ለማድረግ  አዲስ የእግረኛ መንገድ ለመገንባት አቅደናል(ካርታ ይመልከቱ)፡፡ እባክዎ ትርጉም ለማግኘት ይደውሉ: (206) 775-8730፡፡  

Somali: Waxaan qorsheenaynaa sidaan u dhisi lahayn wado cusub sanadda si aan oga dhigno mid ammaan ah oo u sahlan caruurta inay ku lugeeyaan marka ay iskuulka usocdaan (fiiri khariirada). Fadlan turjumaanka kawac lambarkaan: (206) 775-8730.   

Chinese: 我們計劃在 年建造一條新的人行道,讓孩子們更安全、更輕鬆地步行上學(見地圖)。如需翻譯,請致電:(206) 775-8730。  

Vietnamese: Chúng tôi đang lên kế hoạch xây dựng vỉa mới vào năm để bảo đảm trẻ em đi học an toàn dễ dàng hơn (xem bản đồ). Nếu muốn bản dịch, vui lòng gọi số: (206) 775-8730.  

Tagalog: Nagpaplano kaming maglagay ng bagong sidewalk sa upang gawing mas ligtas at mas madali para sa mga bata ang paglalakad papunta sa paaralan (tingnan ang mapa). Mangyaring tumawag para sa pagsasalin: (206) 775-8730.


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