Thomas Street Redefined

Updated: May 2023

Thomas Street Redefined is a community-driven, visionary concept plan for a pedestrian and bicyclist-oriented corridor connecting the Waterfront, Uptown, Seattle Center, South Lake Union, and Eastlake neighborhoods.

Thomas St is an important east/west green street and public realm connection, linking the Cascade neighborhood, South Lake Union, Seattle Center, and the Uptown neighborhood.

The latest draft of the Thomas Street Redefined Concept Plan was developed after a design charrette was held in 2019, which made changes to the original 2013 Thomas Green Street Concept Plan for the blocks between 5th Ave N and Dexter Ave N.

The three key changes made to the original plan are: 1) a half-block closure at 5th and Thomas that would create a public plaza adjacent to the Seattle Center skatepark 2) the creation of a 36 feet wide pedestrian and bicycle promenade on the north curb and 3) a protected intersection at Dexter and Thomas.

SDOT is implementing this plan through a West of Seattle Center project and an East of Seattle Center project.

Heightened interest in Thomas St Greenway was initiated by community advocates in spring/summer 2019. Councilmember Bagshaw, with the support of the Mayor's Office and SDOT, hosted a design charrette to inform an amendment of the 2013 Thomas Green Street Concept Plan. The primary goal of this charrette was to identify transformative opportunities that could help realize the original vision of Thomas St, one that prioritizes pedestrian and bicycle connectivity.

The draft of the Thomas Street Redefined concept plan was released on September 20, 2019. The current Thomas Street capital project between 5th Ave N and Dexter Ave N reflects the outcomes of changes proposed in the charrette.


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