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Street Use Public Comment 

What is a public comment period?

A public comment period is a specific timeframe during which the community may submit remarks for consideration specific to a proposal or project under review.

The following Street Use proposals require a public comment period:

  • New permit applications for long-term outdoor seating, vending, and communication cabinets meeting the requirements for notification in Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 15.32.200
  • State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) threshold determinations
  • Director's Rules and other legislative actions 

Note: Other Street Use permits may be required to provide public comment at Street Use's discretion per SMC 15.04.030

Open Proposals

For more information on a specific proposal email

Note: Permit applications reviewed under our Safe Start Permit program do not require a public comment period. This includes temporary permits applications for vending, outdoor dining, street closures for activation, and merchandise display. 

How do I submit comments?

To submit a comment, please include the permit number (if applicable), your name and contact information, and your specific comments. All comments must be postmarked or emailed to us before the project's public comment end date.

Send your comments by letter or email to:

Seattle Department of Transportation
Attn: Public Space Management Program
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996



Request a Permit Decision Review

After the public comment period has ended, we will decide to approve, modify, or deny the application. Anyone may request a review or reconsideration of a permit decision that we've made. This must be sent as a written request to the  Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation within 10 calendar days of our decision date (SMC 15.04.112). The request must identify the decision for which review or reconsideration is requested, the grounds for objecting to the decision based on City standards, and the specific remedy being proposed. The Director will designate a review officer who will make a recommendation to the Director. The Director's decision on review or reconsideration is final. 

A request for review or reconsideration should be submitted to:

Director of Transportation
Seattle Department of Transportation
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3800 
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996




Greg Spotts, Director
Address: 700 5th Ave, Suite 3800, Seattle, WA, 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 34996, Seattle, WA, 98124-4996
Phone: (206) 684-7623

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