Motorcycle & Scooter Parking in Seattle

Motorcycles must obey posted regulations (payment and time limits) on the block where they park, even in designated spaces.

This page refers to motorcycles and scooters that are required to have a license plate. For electric foot scooters, please click here
 for more information.

Motorcycles and scooters can park:

motorcycles only

  • In any parking space that a passenger car can park in, with 72-hour limit if the space is otherwise unrestricted 
  • In any paid parking space, with payment required  
  • In any space with time-limit restrictions. Must obey time limit. 
  • In Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs), motorcycle and scooter users may park without an RPZ permit.
  • In designated motorcycle parking spaces - see map 

Open the Seattle Motorcycle Parking map

In paid parking area:

  • Pay at the pay station.
  • Preferably use a credit card to provide record of the transaction. Write license plate on receipt and affix to headlamp.
  • OR use PayByPhone 

Motorcycles may not park:  

  • In front of fire hydrants
  • Within 5 feet of a driveway 
  • In Tow-Away Zones  
  • In load zones 
  • In spaces in front of or behind striped parking spaces (as these spaces typically provide maneuvering room that passenger cars need to enter and exit an adjacent striped space) 
  • Along curb bulbs or indentions 
  • In alleys 
  • On the sidewalk 
  • Anywhere passenger cars cannot park