Pothole patching is our first response to pavement damage and is needed to keep streets serviceable.

Seattle Pothole Map

This map shows see all the potholes that have been reported and the ones that have been filled. To help reduce duplicate requests, you can check the map to see if we already have a pothole repair request for the location that concerns you.

The Pothole Status Map displays:

  • Screenshot of the Pothole Status MapPending Requests. These are new requests. Our goal is to respond to pothole repair requests within three business days, starting the day after the receipt of request.
  • Work in Progress. SDOT has responded to these requests and has begun work at these locations. Crews have additional work to do to finish the repair.
  • Potholes Filled in the Last 90 Days. These are the locations where pothole repairs have been completed in the past 90 days. Crews often repair several potholes at a location; when you click on the symbol you can see the approximate number of potholes filled at that location.
  • Pothole Repair History. You can view the past four quarters of pothole repairs.

When you request a pothole repair, the pothole is usually filled with either a temporary or permanent patch. The map will display the location of the repair, including the number of potholes filled and the date. Sometimes SDOT can’t complete the pothole repair (see this FAQ for some of the reasons why); when this happens, the request is removed from the map.

The map is refreshed with current data each night. It displays all pothole requests that haven’t been completed, and pothole repairs that have been completed since March 15, 2010.

A note about the location: The symbol on the map shows the approximate location of the pothole. If the pothole request spans multiple blocks, the symbol has been placed somewhere within those blocks. If the request is for a specific location on a block, the symbol is placed at the midpoint of the block. You can check the Location Description to see more information about the specific site where our crews will be doing work by clicking on the pothole symbol.


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