Mt Baker-Columbia City-Hillman City Healthy Street

Updated December 1, 2023

What's Happening Now?

We are continuing to evaluate and conduct outreach on the northern Mt Baker segment and southern Hillman City segment. We use community use trends and public feedback to determine if these segments should become permanent, or if they should return to a Neighborhood Greenway. If you have feedback about either segment, please fill out our feedback form!

There are several updates for the Columbia City segment! First, we are removing a segment of the Healthy Street and returning it to a Neighborhood Greenway, because it is not compatible with the existing street grid. In addition, we are adding some additional safety enhancements at three Neighborhood Greenway intersections. For more information on these changes, please see the “Project Design Elements” section below.

Upgraded Temporary Sign Bases

This winter, we'll be upgrading the temporary sign bases at key intersections along the entire Healthy Street to more durable concrete cylinders. The existing temporary signage has not been durable enough to withstand winter traffic conditions and as a result, our crews were overwhelmed last year with numerous daily requests to repair and replace signage around the city. These temporary sign bases will either be upgraded to permanent signage if segments are made permanent, or removed if the segments are returned to Neighborhood Greenways.

Durable, temporary sign bases

Example of a new upgraded temporary sign base from the Central District Healthy Street.

Project Map

North Rainier Valley Healthy Street Project map

Design Elements

Mt Baker and Hillman City Segments (A and C on Project Map):

  • Segments still under review. Segments remain in place until evaluation has concluded.

Columbia City Segment (B on Project Map):

  • Removing a segment of the Healthy Street on the following streets, because it wasn’t working within the existing street grid. This segment will return to a Neighborhood Greenway:
    • Renton Ave S, from S Brandon to S Dawson St
    • S Dawson St, from Renton Ave S to 37th Ave S
  • Adding All Way Stops at three intersections along the Neighborhood Greenway (see graphic below):
    • Renton Ave S and S Dawson St
    • 37th Ave S and S Dawson St
    • 37th Ave S and S Ferdinand
  • Installing No Parking signs to enforce parking restrictions adjacent to non-arterial intersections and improve visibility for people using the intersection

All way stops at three Greenway intersections in Columbia City

Graphic showing three new all way stops in the Columbia City segment.


Fall/Winter 2022: Collect community input on proposed permanent route and permanent features of the Mt Baker-Columbia City-Hillman City Healthy Street. 

Fall 2023: Announced removal of one segment in Columbia City; continuing evaluation on Mt Baker and Hillman City segments.


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