Georgetown to Downtown Safety Project

May 22, 2024

What’s happening now?

We began the process to select a contractor for the Georgetown to Downtown Safety Project on May 22 as we prepare to begin construction this year!

Check out the 100% design plans for this capital project and see a summary of the changes coming to 6th Ave S and Airport Way S in the Final Design section of the webpage.

Nearby Projects

Interim SDOT crew-built segments
In November 2023, we shared our plans to design two segments of the project, the S Lander St Connection and the Northern Connection, on different timelines from the rest of the project. This choice allows us to deliver the capital project on schedule while taking more time to engage with the SODO Business Improvement Area (BIA) and local businesses about these two key areas.  

We are still aiming for SDOT crews to construct these segments by the time construction of the rest of the project is wrapped up, expected in early 2025. We recognize that these segments are essential in making this project route safe and accessible. 

  • The S Lander St Connection has reached the 30% design milestone! Thank you for the support we’ve received on this part of the project. Check out the 30% design plans.
  • The North Connection is still in the planning phase until further coordination and permitting with King County.

The Georgetown to South Park Safety Project will start construction this year
This project will build a path connecting Georgetown and South Park and create safety improvements for people walking, biking, and rolling between the two neighborhoods. To stay informed, visit the Georgetown to South Park project webpage and sign up for their email list. 

New dedicated truck parking on Industrial Way S
As early as March 2024, SDOT will convert existing on-street parking into dedicated drayage truck parking on Industrial Way S between 4th Ave S to Airport Way S. The goal of this project is to designate a convenient space for drayage truck drivers to park overnight while alleviating parking pressure on nearby streets and neighborhoods.

If you have any questions or comments about this drayage truck parking designation, please contact Brian Hamlin with our Curb Space Management Team by February 28, 2024 by email at

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you to the thoughtful community members who emailed us recently to share appreciation for the project and advocate for ways to ensure this project benefits the community. We are pleased to hear your support for the new north connection, S Lander St connection, and improvements to the design at S Spokane St. 

We are doing everything we can to construct the two crew-delivered segments on the same timeline as the capital project. We recognize that these pieces are essential in making this project route safe and accessible. 

Delays in the design of the northern connection are due to coordination with our partners regarding the use of the roadway in this area. This portion of 6th Ave S is currently closed and will require additional collaboration and permitting to reopen it for the safety project. We’re working hard to make progress towards our goal of constructing this segment alongside the rest of the Georgetown to Downtown Safety Project. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We recognize that this project stops short of the primary commercial district of Georgetown, and we agree that the heart of Georgetown deserves improvements to make living, working, and traveling in the area safer. Implementing safety improvements in this area will require robust engagement with community members and business owners to avoid harming the health of this neighborhood and commercial center. Necessary improvements will include significant changes to traffic signals and road design, which will be costly, time-consuming, and potentially disruptive to the neighborhood. For these reasons, extending this particular project into the heart of Georgetown wasn’t possible, but we are advocating for and working to plan a project in this area as soon as we can.  

We hope you remain confident in us to deliver on these goals. Again, thank you for your engagement with this project and your advocacy for safety.


If you have any questions about the project, please call: (206) 900-8734 or email us at

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Project Description

As part of Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) we are building a new protected bike lane connecting Georgetown to Downtown.

The new connection will be the final link in a system of north-south bike trails between Seattle and South King County. This bike system includes the Green River Trail and the South Park to Georgetown Trail.  These changes will also make the light rail network more accessible for communities in Georgetown and South Park.

Project Goals

  • Enhance safety for all roadway users
  • Improve access and travel options from downtown Seattle to Georgetown and South Park
  • Keep as much parking as possible along the corridor
  • Provide a safe bicycle connection between Georgetown, South Park, SODO, and Downtown

Final Design

Changes coming to 6th Ave S and Airport Way S include:

  • Two-way protected bike lane on the west side of the street from Airport Way S and S Lucille St to S Nevada St and 6th Ave S
  • One-way protected bike lanes on 6th Ave S from S Nevada St to S Forest St
  • Two-way, center turn lane on 6th Ave S from south of S Forest St to S Spokane St, making it safer and easier for vehicles to enter and exit driveways.  
  • S Spokane St and Airport Way S: New traffic signal, signalized bike crossing, and bike ramp
  • S Lucile St and Airport Way S: New signalized bike crossing, ADA curb ramps, and refreshed crosswalk markings
  • All-way stop on 6th Ave S at both the intersections with S Alaska St and S Nevada St 
  • Raised bus stop on the west side of Airport Way S at S Edmonds St
  • Parking removal on the west side of 6th from Alaska to Industrial to allow for two-way freight movements.
  • Dedicated truck parking on Industrial Way between 4th Ave S and 7th Ave S in a separate SDOT project ahead of construction.

Outreach & Schedule



100% design plans (February 2024)

S Lander St Connection 30% design plans (February 2024)

Near final design virtual public meeting recording (November 2023)

Near final design virtual public meeting questions and answers summary (November 2023)

Near final design presentation slides (November 2023)

Near final design design plan (November 2023)

60% design virtual public meeting recording (August 2023)

60% design virtual public meeting questions and answers summary (August 2023)

60% design plan (August 2023)

30% design virtual public meeting recording (May 2023)

30% design virtual meeting questions and answers summary (May 2023)


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