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Surveillance Technologies Under Review

Tracking Devices (Police)

A hidden tracking device carried by a moving vehicle or person that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine and track the precise location. U.S. Supreme Court v. Jones mandated that these must have consent or a search warrant to be used.

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Remotely Operated Vehicles (Police)

Non-recording ROVs/robots used by Arson/Bomb Unit to safely approach suspected explosives, by Harbor Unit to detect drowning victims, vehicles, or other submerged items, and by SWAT in tactical situations to assess dangerous situations from a safe, remote location.

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Computer, cellphone and mobile device extraction tools (Police)

Forensic tools used with consent of phone/device owner or pursuant to a warrant to acquire, decode, and analyze data from smartphones, tablets, portable GPS device, desktop and laptop computers.

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Crash Data Retrieval (Police)

Tool that allows a Collision Reconstructionist investigating vehicle crashes the opportunity to image data stored in the vehicle’s airbag control module. This is done for a vehicle that has been in a crash and is used with consent or search warrant.

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GeoTime (Police)

Geospatial analysis tool that allows the visual analysis of events over time, using geodata procured during criminal investigations. The data used for analysis is obtained by investigators under the execution of court-ordered warrants.

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Camera Systems (Police)

Covert camera systems that capture images and video.

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Scheduled: April 27, 2022; 3:00pm PST - 4:30pm PST

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Scheduled: May 18, 2022; 3:00pm PST - 4:30pm PST

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Comment on a Surveillance Technology

The public comment period for Group 4a technologies is now Open. Please refer to the details above for more information on the technologies currently under review.

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