Custom Autodesk Plugin Help

The City of Seattle provides plugins and other content for Autodesk applications available to download upon request.

Information About Available Plugins

CADD Standards Plugin for AutoCAD or Civil 3D (MSI)

This plugin installs the City of Seattle Layer Standards ribbon in AutoCAD or Civil 3D.

Command overview:

  • CosCaddLayerStandardsInfo
    Displays layer standards information.
  • CosCaddEditLayerStandards
    Brings up the layer standards viewer.
  • CosCaddLayerChecker
    Scans the current drawing and reports on layer standard errors.
  • CosCaddLayerTranslator
    Scans the current drawing and fixes layer standard errors.
  • CosCaddLayerWizard
    Brings up Layer Standard Wizard which steps the user though the process of creating a well-formed standard layer.
  • CosCaddColorEZ
    Changes layer colors in the current drawing to the Standard Color Palette (muted).
  • CosCaddColorStd
    Changes layer colors in the current drawing to the Easy Color Palette (vibrant).

Curb Table Plugin for Civil 3D (MSI)

This plugin installs the City of Seattle Curb Table interface in Civil 3D to generate standard curb return tables.

Command overview: the CurbTable command launches the interface. Select an option in the interface and follow the prompts.

How To Download Plugins

You may submit a request to download custom Autodesk application plugins provided by the City of Seattle.

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