Map Format

Map Requirements

Traffic Control Plan

A clear and detailed map (or maps) of your event route, layout, and/or any enclosed outdoor spaces is required for your Special Event Permit application. Clear and accurate maps are vital to the Committee's understanding of your event and approval cannot be granted without this type of information.

Map Format

Whenever possible, an electronically created map is preferred. The map must be clear, easy to read, and well-marked. Preferred file types are PDF and JPG. Other image file types may be acceptable.

If you need to submit your map(s) in paper format, the Special Events Office will scan your map in order to distribute it to the Committee. In order to insure good results, your map must be no larger than 11" x 17" and in dark ink. If you cannot fit all of your information on one map or one sheet of paper, please include multiple pages.

Map Requirements


  • NORTH, indicated by a directional arrow symbol
  • Street names
  • Street or lane closure points
  • Requested street parking spaces
  • Emergency vehicle access/fire lane (must indicate width of 20' minimum along entire length of street closure)
  • Business or residential driveways or pedestrian entrances
  • Equipment/Structures: fencing, bleachers, booths, canopies/tents, cooking areas, generators, vehicles, stage, portable restrooms, waste collection bins/stations, etc.
  • All other set-up, equipment, or structure details you think are helpful

Beer Garden or Other Enclosed Area - Include DIMENSIONS for all elements

  • Fencing/barriers including dimensions
  • Entrances and exits including dimensions
  • Equipment/furniture: tables, chairs, bars, stage, etc. including dimensions


  • Route with directional arrows
  • Starting point and finishing point
  • Assembly area
  • Dispersal area

Runs/Races/Walks or Other Athletic Events on Street

  • Starting line including structure set up and "pens" or "corrals"
  • Finish line including structure set up and dispersal area
  • Route with directional arrows
  • Street closure points and barricades
  • Location of requested SPD traffic control officers
  • Location of organizer provided trained monitors
  • Water station or other stops along route

Park Use

  • Name of Park facility and names of surrounding streets
  • The overall event area (include parking if appropriate inside the park)
  • Location of all physical equipment being placed, including but not limited to: any stage(s), vendors, booths, sponsors, tents, signs, barricades, portable toilets, vehicles, numbered shelters
  • Electrical plan for vendors and stages

Traffic Control Plan

Depending on the complexity, scope, and classifications of street use within your event, you may be required to submit a Traffic Control Plan for review and approval by SDOT. See SDOT Client Assistance Memos for more information:

CAM 2111 Checklist for Traffic Control Plan Submittal

CAM 2114 Temporary No Parking Signs and Easels

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