Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Policy

Per Seattle Municipal Code, the Special Events Committee has the authority to deny or revoke a permit based on conditions surrounding safety and security of attendees, participants, and staffing resources assigned to support the event.  Inclement weather can be a significant factor in these conditions.  

Who can make the decision to cancel an event due to inclement weather?

Event Organizer:  The event organizer may cancel or postpone the event at their discretion. When this decision is made due to inclement weather, the Special Events Committee will attempt to accommodate events re-scheduled as space and resources are available.  

Special Events Committee:  The Special Events Committee may revoke a permit if, in the judgement of the Office of Emergency Management, Seattle Police Department, Seattle Fire Department, Seattle Department of Transportation, or Seattle Parks & Recreation, there are conditions that may threaten public safety and health, including inclement weather. See Revocation policy.  

How is the event organizer notified?

The deciding department or agency, or the Special Event Committee Chair, will notify the event organizer by phone, by email, or in person that the event has been cancelled/postponed.  

How are the attendees notified?

Event organizers are responsible for notifying event attendees and the public that the event has been cancelled/postponed.  

How do I reschedule my event?

Event organizer will contact the Special Events Office at the earliest convenience to indicate intent to reschedule the event.  Event organizer will submit a revised application form as soon as possible.  

Permit Fee Refunds

A full or partial refund may be granted. See Refunds policy.

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