Zoning Map Books

Our maps show current zoning information for properties and neighborhoods in Seattle. Our maps include:

  • Parcel dimensions
  • Plat changes
  • City landmarks
  • Environmentally critical areas
  • State Environmental Policy Act protection
  • Urban Village boundaries
  • Archeological meander line overlay district
  • Light rail overlay district

You can also use our city-wide zoning map to get a color-coded, bird’s eye view of Seattle’s zoning. If you need more information about zoning classifications, read our Land Use Code.

Instructions: Click the square for the map you want to view, and then click the arrow. You'll get an option to download the PDF. If you don't see that option, scroll up to the top of the map viewer.

You can use Adobe Reader to view our maps. If you have Adobe Reader 8 or higher, you can turn layers on and off. Our maps are several megabytes and may take time to open.