Parking - Location, Size & Number of Spots

See also: Paving, Parking & Car Storage Rules 

What Is It?

A black woman with a thought bubble showing parking spots with cars in them.We regulate parking spaces for motor vehicles, such as a car or truck, on private property.

Our parking standards apply to:

  • All parking located inside or outside of a structure
  • Temporary and permanent parking
  • Parking that is provided voluntarily or is required by the Land Use Code
  • Off-site parking (parking on another property)

For parking in the street, please coordinate with Seattle Department of Transportation.

What Permits Do You Need?

You need a permit to create any parking. Depending on the number of parking spaces you wish to create, location of the parking, and associated grading or paving, you may need different permits:

Research the Code

Seattle’s Building Code (SBC) requires that parking be accessible to people with disabilities. Seattle’s Land Use Code regulates the number of required parking spaces, parking size and location, driveway width, slope, maneuvering space, sight triangles, and curb cuts. If your parking space involves grading or paving, you’ll need to follow the Grading Code. If you are parking on a site with an environmentally critical area, additional restrictions may apply.

Should You Hire A Professional?

Permits to establish parking require detailed drawings. If you can’t draw a site plan, you may wish to hire a professional. If grading is necessary to create your parking, you may need a licensed engineer.