Master Use Permit Renewals

What Is It?

A renewal extends the life of a land use / master use permit (MUP) from 3 years to 5 years. You can renew a master use permit if: 

  • Your current permit hasn’t expired
  • Your project meets the land use and environmental codes that are current when you submit your renewal request

You don’t need to renew your land use permit if you have applied for a building permit before your MUP expires. The MUP assumes the life of the building permit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fee to apply for a renewal is the SDCI base fee. In addition, the review fee is twice the land use hourly fee and covers up to 2 hours of review. We will bill additional review hours at our hourly rate.

How Long Does It Take?

We try to issue renewal permits within two weeks.

Steps to Get a Renewal

Request your renewal online at the Seattle Services Portal.