Just Cause Eviction Ordinance

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What Is It?

The Just Cause Eviction Ordinance, passed in 1980, prevents landlords from arbitrarily ending a rental agreement. The Just Cause Eviction Ordinance applies to month-to-month renters and renters with verbal agreements. To end one of these agreements, a landlord or property manager must state one of the 18 approved reasons listed in the Just Cause Eviction Ordinance. Most Just Cause reasons do not require the owner to pay any type of relocation assistance to a tenant.

Common Just Cause reasons to end a rental agreement are:

  • Failure to pay rent after receiving a pay or vacate notice (must use the notice form in RCW.59.18.057 and contain a reference on how to access information about tenant rights through Renting in Seattle SMC 22.206.180.K)
  • Failure to comply with a comply or vacate notice 
  • Owner wishes to sell the property (must give 90-days advance written notice prior to the sale)
  • Owner wishes to move into the property or have an immediate family member move into the property for use as their principal residence (must give 90-days advance written notice)
  • Owner seeks to substantially rehabilitate, demolish, remove use restrictions, or change the use of the property, AFTER completing the Tenant Relocation Assistance licensing process
  • Owner wishes to quit sharing the owner’s own rental unit or permitted accessory dwelling unit with the renter

Any lease provision that waives a renter’s rights under the Just Cause Eviction Ordinance is void and unenforceable.

In winter months, the just cause reasons to terminate a tenancy are limited in some circumstances. The code provides low to moderate income tenants with a defense to eviction when ending the tenancy would require the tenant to leave between December 1 and March 1. Please see SMC 22.206.160.C.8 for specific details and exceptions.

What It Isn't

The Just Cause Eviction Ordinance is not a substitute for the Washington Landlord-Tenant Act (RCW 59.12 and 59.18). Landlords are required to comply with both state and local laws.

The Just Cause Eviction Ordinance does not apply to terminating lease contracts (written contracts that end on a specific date with no right to hold over).

Read the Code

Regulations relating to the Just Cause Eviction Ordinance are in the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) and Washington state law.

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