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Applicant Services Center

The Applicant Services Center (ASC) is the hub of our permitting services where we provide most permitting services virtually. Through the ASC, you can:

  • Get free assistance via live chat for simple questions
  • Get a free 20-minute video coaching session with a permit specialist or land use planner
  • Get a free 15-minute video coaching session with a geotechnical engineer, mechanical engineer, or drainage reviewer
  • Get, change, or verify an address
  • Determine your project development site with a permit specialist
  • Attend online pre-submittal conferences
  • Attend online paid coaching sessions

Code Compliance

The Code Compliance division enforces community standards for all neighborhoods, such as tenant issues, land use violations, construction without permits, vacant and unfit buildings, noise, junk storage, shoreline, tree-cutting, and weed overgrowth.

Construction Codes Advisory Board

The Construction Codes Advisory Board gives SDCI input about proposed code amendments and Director’s Rules related to technical codes. The board also advises us when permit applicants are unsatisfied with our decisions and want another opinion.

Design Review

The Design Review Boards review most new multifamily and commercial buildings. The boards consider a broad set of design considerations and apply design guidelines that the project architect must use to design the exterior of the building. The boards' guidance and recommendations help us promote designs that fit into and relate to the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Emergency Management

Our emergency preparedness effort has two goals:

  • Protect lives during earthquakes, landslides, and other emergencies
  • Restore essential services after earthquakes, landslides, and other emergencies

Land Use

Land Use division staff process and issue land use permits, also called master use permits or MUPs. We conduct specialized reviews in land use, zoning, and environmental regulations on proposed development. We conduct land use analyses and Land Use Code interpretations. We also offer virtual free and paid coaching and pre-submittal conferences for Land Use Code and project assistance through our Applicant Services Center.    

Noise Enforcement

Our Noise Enforcement Program acts through a variety of measures to minimize the public’s exposure to excessive noise from construction sites, maintenance activity, and installed mechanical equipment.

Public Disclosure

The Public Records Act promotes transparency and an open government by making it easier to request and get copies of agency records. SDCI has a Public Disclosure Officer who responds to public records requests for the department.

Public Resource Center

Our Public Resource Center (PRC) provides information on permits under review, historical records, and access to publications. You can also apply for approvals, including opinion letters, tree & vegetation removal permits, and minor Master User Permit revisions.

Small Business & Cultural Space Permit Facilitation

SDCI has dedicated staff to answer your questions and help you navigate the process of getting a construction permit for your small business within the city of Seattle. Our staff can help you to research potential permitting options at specific locations before you sign a lease.

Trade Licensing

We conduct trade licensing exams and issue licenses for tradespeople in Seattle who:

  • Operate boilers
  • Conduct gas piping installations
  • Operate and install refrigeration or air conditioning equipment

Construction and Inspections

Nathan Torgelson, Director
Address: 700 5th Ave, Suite 2000, Seattle, WA, 98104
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 34019, Seattle, WA, 98124-4019
Phone: (206) 684-8600
Phone Alt: Violation Complaint Line: (206) 615-0808
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SDCI issues land use, construction, and trade permits, conducts construction and housing-related inspections, ensures compliance with our codes, and regulates rental rules. SDCI is committed to an antiracist workplace and to addressing racism through our work in the community.