Volleyball Sand Court Reservations

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is creating more opportunity for sand volleyball use. We are restructuring the reservation process by going to an individual court reservation system.  This will move us towards rectifying an inequitable approach to sand volleyball court reservations. SPR is introducing a per court fee. The fee is an average of the old fee between the cost of reservable courts at each site. Golden Garden's four (4) courts and Alki's seven (7) courts).

The per court fee will be $8/hr, per court. This fee will align sand volleyball with fees that SPR charges other sports.   Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is constantly looking to provide opportunity and increased access for sand volleyball court users. By charging a per court fee SPR will be responding to a multitude of public requests. It will significantly improve the ability for the general public and individuals to reserve an individual volleyball court while leaving others available for drop in. The goal is to increase access and opportunity to more users and we believe this to be a more equitable approach for the sand volleyball community.   If you have questions, please feel free to Courtney Brown @ (206) 684-7094 or Courtney.brown@seattle.gov

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