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Seattle Parks and Recreation Refund Policy for community centers, swimming pools, small craft centers, outdoor spaces, sports fields and other recreation providers. Download our full refund policy for more details. 

  • A full refund will be issued for any program, activity, or reservation that is cancelled for any reason by the Department or the Associated Recreation Council.
  • Any person who registers for a PROGRAM and who requests a refund before the second class session may receive a prorated refund minus a service charge.
  • Any person who registers for an ACTIVITY and who requests a refund 14 days or more before its start, may receive a refund minus a service charge.
  • Any person who schedules a STANDARD RENTAL of a recreation facility and who cancels at least 15 days in advance is entitled to a partial refund.
  • Any person who schedules a rental of a SPECIAL AMENITY FACILITY and who cancels at least 90 days in advance is entitled to a partial refund.
  • Any person who reserves a SPORTS FIELD must provide 14 days advance notice of a cancellation to be entitled to a full refund.
  • ADULT SPORTS LEAGUES may receive a partial refund if the cancellation notice is received prior to the league starting and if a replacement team is found.
  • Exceptions: No refund is available for some designated programs, activities or services, which may include deposits for registration, regattas, rentals, outdoor events, ceremonies or picnics. Information on any specific exception is available from Parks and Recreation staff prior to payment and purchase.

Fee Waivers and Reductions

The Superintendent of the Department of Parks and Recreation is authorized, as provided in SMC 18.28.020, to waive or reduce entry or use fees from those contained in an approved fee schedule in conjunction with the promotion and marketing of Park and Recreation programs. Authorized activities include, but are not limited to, the following arrangements:

  1. Sponsored days: A sponsored day or activity for which a sponsor pays the Department a fixed fee, a matching amount, or supplies advertising, service, or other benefit. In exchange, the Department provides free public entry use of the facility, or free or reduced entry for a certain segment of the public (e.g., children under 12, senior citizens, anyone donating clothing or food for a drive for those in need); for a special group of the public (e.g., participants in a community parade); or to the first entrants up to a specified number.
  2. Bonus and prizes: The Department may distribute to users or entrants an item supplied by the sponsor (e.g., a button, a balloon, literature, an item of apparel, or a donated prize for an achievement).
  3. Combination tickets: The Superintendent may issue a combination ticket for use of multiple City facilities or participation in multiple City events. A combination ticket may also take the form of a reciprocal discount or credit. For example, presentation of a ticket stub or coupon from an aquarium in another city may entitle the holder to a credit on admission to the Seattle Aquarium when a receipt for paid entry to Seattle's Aquarium entitles the holder to like privileges in the facility of the other city. In those cases where a combination ticket is authorized, combining multiple events and facilities:
    • The combined ticket price may be less than the amount that would be paid for each entry or event singly;
    • The combined ticket shall expire within a time period after the ticket's sale or first usage, with said period to be determined by the Superintendent of the Department of Parks and Recreation or his or her designee; and
    • The City and any other participant organizations shall apportion the revenue from the combined sale by a ratio or formula.
  4. Discount Coupons: A coupon allowing two people to enter for the price of one person, or the coupon holder to enter at a reduced rate. Coupons may be offered through a sponsor who makes a payment to the City or who provides special advertising in return. For example, the coupon may accompany an advertisement in a widely distributed publication for tourists, which contains similar coupons for other attractions. The Department may also use coupons as a way of reaching out to a group or segment of the citizenry, who would not attend or use the facility at the established fee.
  5. Prepaid Passes: During special hours or otherwise, admission may be sold to a tour company, the organizer of a convention, or an association at an aggregate fee for all members and the participants may be granted entry, either as a group or individually, at the hours or on the days authorized by presenting a ticket or other indication of pre-payment.
  6. Departmental Free or Half-Price Days: "Senior citizens' days" may be offered during which time people over a minimum age are admitted free; a free day may be provided for the public to see and enjoy an exhibit financed through a bond issue or by a public fund-raising drive; on a "Kids' Day" or "Neighborhood Day," admission may be free for children and low income adults; a free golf lesson day for kids may be provided; or free swimming day at our pools may be provided.
  7. Promotional Purposes: The Department may offer extended evening hours or special discounts during specific periods in the year to encourage high attendance at our park facilities. Some examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Extended Aquarium hours and special discounts during the summer.
    2. Extended special discount for swimming fees during the summer.

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