Greenways Initiative

Updated: August 11, 2020

Seattle Parks and Recreation Greenways Initiative
2020 - Projects Suspended

Seattle Parks and Recreation and the City of Seattle are experiencing significant losses in revenue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the summer of 2020, Seattle Parks and Recreation had to suspend capital project work and we were forced to suspend this project along with many others. The decision to suspend these projects is based on reviewing the projects through the lens of equity, health and safety, and whether or not they support an essential function. We are thankful to the community for their partnership and for their understanding. We will work to secure funding in future budget cycles.

Starting in 2016, Seattle Parks and Recreation Greenways Initiative will provide projects and programs to connect, enhance and activate links from Neighborhood Greenways to Parks by improving access and amenities for pedestrians and bicycles.

Greenways Initiative
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Seattle City-wide


Seattle Parks District funds provide $215,000 in 2019 for greenways related capital project planning, design and construction.

Projects Suspended

  • Gas Works Park Sidewalk Installation and Access Upgrade:
    Planning & Design 2017-2019; Construction 2020
  • Soundview Playfield:
    Planning & Design 2017-2019; Construction 2020
  • Maple Leaf Reservoir Park:
    Planning & Design 2019; Construction 2020
  • Central Park Trail (Dr. Blanche Lavizzo Park and Judkins Park):
    Planning & Design 2019; Construction 2020
  • Roxhill Park:
    Planning & Design 2019; Construction 2020


  • High Point Playground / Walt Hundley Playfield Entrance Enhancement:
    Completed March 2019
  • Interlaken Park Path and Stair Upgrade:
    Completed October 2018
    The steep slopes and geotechnical recommendations required a robust concrete structure with shoring walls and steel pilings to construct the new stair and ramp connection between Interlaken Blvd and Boyer Ave E at E Howe Street. Also included are community requested elements - a bicycle runnel, guard rails and a switchback that connects to the designated crosswalk. 
    View photos from the December 2018 official opening event
  • Rainier Beach Playfield Path Upgrades:
    Completed September 2017
    This project made improvements to the deteriorating pathway along Dunlap School and installed a new pathway between the baseball and soccer fields. The project was a joint effort with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Safe Routes to School program.
    October 2017 Activation Celebration Poster
  • John C. Little Sr. Path and Stair Upgrades:
    Completed in fall 2016
    Wheels & Heels Event Poster

Project Description

Initiative Description
This initiative will further develop the partnership between Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to enhance and activate connection points from Neighborhood Greenways to parks, with parks-oriented expertise. Greenways are a key component of the 2014 Seattle Bicycle Master Plan, comprising 250 miles or 41% of the total proposed network. These corridors enhance safe, calm residential streets designed to give bicycle and pedestrian travel priority. They provide people of all ages and abilities with comfortable and attractive places to walk and ride.

Initiative Objective
The Seattle Parks and Recreation capital improvement project component of the Greenways Initiative will work in coordination with the SDOT Greenway Implementation Plan, the SDOT Trails upgrade plan and the SPR Greenways activation programming to enhance the impact of all programs and expenditures and leveraging funds from other departments. The intent is to improve access and entrances to make parks more welcoming destinations for people walking and bicycling.

Community Participation

Meeting with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways - 11/3/2015

Presentation to Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board - 11/4/2015

Presentation to Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board - 12/9/2015

Rainier Beach Meeting and Ice Cream Social - 7/12/2016

SDOT North Seattle Greenway Open House - 7/27/2016

SDOT West Seattle Greenway Open House - 8/4/2016

Somali Mothers Focus Group - 10/29/16

African American Teens Focus Group - 11/4/16

Vietnamese Seniors Focus Group - 11/8/16

Specialized Sports Athletes Focus Group (Seattle Adaptive Sports) - 11/12/16

Engage Seattle, Bitter Lake Community Center Open House - 12/3/2016

Engage Seattle, West Seattle Open House - 12/7/2016

Engage Seattle, Ravenna Eckstein Community Center Open House - 12/13/2016

SPR  2016 Greenways Initiative Baseline Report - February 2017

SDOT North Seattle East/West Greenway Meeting, Crown Hill Center - 2/4/17

First Hill Improvement Association, presentation of SPR Greenways Initiative - 5/3/17

SDOT/SPR Greenway Connections, 23rd Ave Corridor/Vision Zero, Montlake Community Center - 5/9/2017

Greenways Initiative "Wheels and Heels" Activation Event, John C. Little Jr. Park - 5/20/17

SDOT West Seattle Neighborhood Greenway Event, Southwest Public Library - 6/21/17

West Seattle Greenway Art Interruptions - 10/7/17

Rainier Beach Playfield Activation Event - 10/21/17

Maple Leaf Reservoir Park Open House - 6/19/19  Link to Notes from meeting.
Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) and Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) invited the Maple Leaf community to an Open House at Maple Leaf Reservoir Park on June 19, 2019. Approximately 50 people attended, and staff learned what the community values in terms of the north park entrance and what enhancements could be made to improve the connection between the future Neighborhood Greenway (along 12th Ave NE that will connect to Northgate) and the park.