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This large, historic stadium has a football field, a track, and two sets of stands (one historical). It is adjacent to the West Seattle Golf Course.  The stadium can be rented for games, practice and other events; please see this page for more information. In late 2017, the rubberized track was replaced and resurfaced.

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) completed the infrastructure for the West Seattle Stadium in 1938 as part of the project to construct the adjacent West Seattle Golf Course and Recreation Area at Camp Long. The original covered wooden grandstand on the northern side of the field remains; however, concrete bleachers replaced the open wooden bleachers on the southern side in 1961. Renovated in the early 1970s, the original north grandstand is striking for the simplicity of its design and the beauty of the wood. It is the only remaining wooden grandstand in the city. Both the north and south grandstands are significant for their design and for their associations with the Works Progress Administration and with the development of the Stadium. Read more about the history of West Seattle Stadium.

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