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Park by the Little Saigon streetcar stop

Hoa Mai Park (Mai Flower Park), located between Jackson and King streets adjacent to the Little Saigon streetcar stop. Hoa Mai is the name of a yellow flower that blooms in early spring. Its blooming signifies rebirth, a sense of renewal. “Hoa: means flower in Vietnamese and “Mai” (pronounced “my”) means lucky. During Lunar New Year, the Vietnamese decorate their homes with Mai flowers for good luck.

SPR has been working with the community and the Little Saigon Park Committee comprised of local business owners and community members, Seattle Chinatown International District Public Development Authority (SCIDPDA), and Friends of Little Saigon. Key elements of the design will include a plaza overlook and multi-functional accessible ramp at the Jackson St. entrance, play area, program and event lawn at the King St. side, amphitheater seating stairs with an event plaza, pedestrian scale lighting, plantings with bold textures and bright colors to reflect pan-Asian design. Art will be integrated utilizing funding from the Office of Arts and Culture; the artist, Kalina Chung (selected in December 2019), has strong ties to the neighborhood.

See current information about the Hoa Mai Park development project here.

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