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First Hill Park originally opened in 1987 and underwent a community led park renovation that was completed in early 2021. The 0.25-acre urban park is located along University St. and Minor St. immediately north of the Stimson-Green Mansion in a densely populated residential neighborhood. It features a custom bronze sculpture of an Edwardian chair, ottoman, and two bear cubs.

The new park design seeks to create a more open and flexible space allowing for performance and passive activities to occur, while retaining an intimate garden feel, an important characteristic of the First Hill Neighborhood. Seating areas are interspersed among lushly planted beds, and a curvilinear seat step meanders through the park and frames the lawn suited for small events and gatherings. In a nod to the previous brick paving, the new park features permeable pavers laid in a herringbone pattern that also act as a sieve that treats and percolates storm water into the ground below. New barbeque and picnic benches are available for neighbors to enjoy in this dense urban environment.

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