Pratt Park Spraypark Renovation

Updated: February 17, 2022

Early 2022

The new spraypark is under construction. We anticipated construction would be complete in late August 2021, however, we've learned that a section of old sewer line north of the spraypark needs to be replaced due to extensive tree root damage. The new spraypark piping system connects to the old sewer line, so the repair needs to take place before the spraypark system can function. The repair work will impact a section of sidewalk, curb, and parking lane on East Yesler Way. Repair work will begin after Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) approves a permit for work in the East Yesler Way right of way. The side sewer repair and spraypark will be complete after the local concrete labor strike is resolved. The fence at the spraypark will remain in place until the new lawn is established. The spraypark will open this spring.

Poplar trees on the north side of the Fine Arts Center were removed in April 2021. The tree roots compromised storm drain lines around the building. The contractor will install new gutters and downspouts on the buildings and repair the storm drain lines.

New elements have been added to the project, including a new restroom building, mechanical equipment building, and adult fitness equipment. The new buildings will be located northwest of the renovated spraypark and existing play area. The custom-designed restroom building features a butterfly roof and vegetated wall trellis systems, and a gender-neutral prototype being built in other Seattle parks. A rendering of the new restroom building may be viewed here.

This location will accommodate better pedestrian flow in the park and improve site lines into the park. New surfacing and a recirculating water system for the spraypark will increase safety, water efficiency, and play value. Also, Seattle Parks and Recreation is partnering with a community partner to install adult fitness zone equipment at Pratt Park. 

Seattle Parks and Recreation and its design team, Site Workshop, thank you for your input during the design process for the spraypark renovation project. This feedback assisted us in preparing the overall design of the new feature and its elements.


Pratt Park1800 S Main St, 98144


The Parks & Green Spaces Levy allocated $514,000 for planning, design and construction. Vulcan Inc and Seattle Seahawks Charitable Foundation have contributed $50,000 toward the park renovation and pathway improvements. Additional funds are allocated from Seattle Parks District, and a public private partnership provides $80,000 for the adult fitness equipment.


Construction: September 2019 - Spring 2022

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Project Description

This project repairs and replaces the surface at the water play feature, installs a recirculating system and performs other related improvements to the water park. The focus is to improve water conservation, safety and water play value at this location. The project also replaces the existing damaged comfort station with a new code compliant building, and installs adult fitness equipment.