Magnuson Community Center Improvements

Updated: May 18, 2023

Spring 2023

Major Construction is complete!  Staff is moving in and the Contractor is completing the final touches. The Community Center had a soft opening April 10th to get up and running and prepare for summer 2023 programming. We will participate in a community event at the park on July 6 and celebrate the Grand Re-Opening! We look forward to sharing this beautiful renovation and two new exhibits by Friends of Magnuson Park.

This project builds out the south wing of Building 47 to allow greater programming capacity for Magnuson Community Center. It also makes accessibility improvements to the parking, entry, and lobby of the community center.

Seattle Parks and Recreation staff and the design team, Buffalo Design, presented the proposed design including the size, layout, and location of spaces such as the kitchen, office, all gender-neutral restrooms, and activity spaces at a public meeting in August of 2019. We gathered input on building finishing's, answered questions, and guided participants through a fun feedback activity. Presentation boards and notes are located below. Thank you to everyone who participated in the public process.


Magnuson Community Center (Magnuson Park Building 47), 7110 62nd Ave NE, 98115


Total project budget $4,600,000. This includes Department of Commerce Grant for $1,950,000; Real Estate Excise Tax of $1.15 million; a King County Youth and Amateur Sports Grant provides $1 million, and additional funding for remediation, $500,000.  


Planning and Design: Completion Spring 2021
Bidding: Summer 2021
Construction: Substantial Completion February 2023
Move-In: Spring 2023
Grand Re-Opening: July 6, 2023

Project Description

This project will build out the south wing of Building 47 to allow greater programming capacity for Magnuson Community Center. It will also make accessibility improvements to the parking, entry and lobby of the community center.

During construction the contractor may need to close Magnuson Community Center for up to 6 months. Seattle Parks and Recreation and the contractor hired for the project will work to minimize impact to the neighborhood. 

Community Participation

Public Meeting/Open House 4/1/2019

Public Meeting/Open House 8/16/2019

Project History

Dedicated in December 1941, Building 47, now the Magnuson Park Community Center, was used for exercise and training for enlisted navy personnel, including a 15-foot-deep pool to train flight crews for emergency water crashes.

Now that the community center is open to everyone. It serves as a gathering place for people to take part in recreational activities, exercise and learn.

In 2002-2003 renovations on the north side of the building were completed, however the south side of the building was sealed off. The roof was replaced in 2000 and a fall protection system was added in the 2002 renovation. Abatement work was completed after this to remove hazardous materials but this area of the building is still in various stages of disrepair.

This project will help to update this building so that it can continue to serve the Sand Point and the Seattle community.

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