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Product Current Price
Green Cones $175.00 plus tax
Rain Barrels $131.00 plus tax
Rain Tanks Please call for price
Delivery of up to 2 Barrels and 1 Green Cone $20.00 plus tax
Delivery charge for each additional Barrel or Green Cone $5.00 plus tax

Order for Home Delivery (Seattle only) 

Home Delivery is available inside the City limits of Seattle. Delivery charge based on the size of your order. You can also pick up your order at the Seattle Conservation Corps office located at Sand Point/ Magnuson Park Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Call (206) 684-0190 if you have questions.

Order for Pickup at Magnuson Park 

Location: 7727 63rd Ave. NE, Suite 201
Phone: (206) 684-0190
Seattle Parks and Recreation has a variety of products for sale through the Seattle Conservation Corps.

Product Descriptions

Rain Tanks

Is a rain barrel just not enough storage space for your storm water? Is linking several rain barrels together too difficult? We have the answer for you. Rain Tanks! Take your water storage to a whole new level. These tanks may qualify for rebates if you install a rain garden in designated neighborhoods for the City's RainWise program. We sell 205, 265 and 530 gallon Bushman rain tanks made in the US of food grade plastic in both green and brick colors. Delivery is available inside the Seattle city limits. Download the informational poster

Green Cone Food Composting Bins

Green Cone food waste bins provide an easy-to-use composting system that works year round. Download the Green Cone User Guide

Seattle Rain Barrels

Catch those spring (and summer) showers with a Seattle Rain Barrel and water your garden the Natural Yard Care way. Download the Rain Barrel User Guide

Our Rain Barrels are made from recycled pickle and olive barrels. By manufacturing our Rain Barrels from recycled materials we are reusing these great barrels and helping reduce the amount of waste sent to disposal stations. Each barrel is unique and they do a terrific job of collecting rainwater to reduce stormwater runoff and to keep your garden green.

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