Request for Proposal: Green Lake Pitch & Putt

RFP Green Lake Pitch & Putt mini golf

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking interested parties to submit proposals for an Operation and Maintenance Agreement for the Green Lake Pitch & Putt facility.  The selected party will provide community activities, recreational programs, and marketing to the Green Lake neighborhood and greater Seattle community while operating the facility and grounds.  Proposals must include written responses to the questionnaire included in this packet (Appendix A).  Only proposals submitted on time and meeting all requirements will be accepted and reviewed.  Interviews may be requested for individuals or groups with the highest rating.  A final recommendation will be submitted to the Superintendent of SPR for final approval.

The Pitch & Putt 9-hole beginner’s golf course was constructed in 1947, has been owned by SPR for Green Lake Park patrons since 1953. This facility has proven to be a popular feature in Seattle. The most recent long-term agreement has been a ten-year contract with Interbay Northwest Management who held the agreement with Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) for the operation of the Pitch & Putt Golf Course.

Proposers are encouraged to propose new services and/or products that would be complementary to the existing uses of the facility, such as new rentals or food services.  SPR reserves the right to approve or deny any proposed business activity.  Proposals should focus on the golf operation and offer new services and/or products as desired.  Proposers are cautioned not to rely heavily on proposed business uses that have not been approved by SPR; or be prepared to fully explain and justify the proposed business options and benefit to Park patrons.  

Written proposals in response to this RFP must be submitted by May 14, 2024, by 3:00PM.   Late proposals or those that do not meet the Proposal Response Requirements will not be accepted.  Proposals must include written responses to the questionnaire along with the signature and contact information. RFP proposals must be emailed to: and/or  

Women & minority businesses are encouraged to submit a proposal.

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