Broadview / Bitter Lake / Haller Lake

What & Why

The Mayor’s Office transmitted to City Council most of the rezones identified in our Neighborhood Plan update and Urban Design Framework, with the exception of proposed height increases. The rezones will:

  • Rezone some Commercial 2 (C2) to Commercial 1 (C1) along Linden Ave. N
  • Add a Pedestrian designation (P) to sites on the east side of Linden Ave. N, between N 135th St. and N 130th St.
  • Rezone sites on N 130th St. Between Linden Ave. N and Aurora Ave. N from C1 to Neighborhood Commercial 3 (NC3)
  • Rezone 2 sites on Aurora Ave. N from C1 to C2

We will implement height increases through the application of the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda's Mandatory Housing Affordability legislation.

The zoning proposals are based on the Bitter Lake Urban Design Framework (UDF), documenting the highlights of the development vision for the Bitter Lake Village Center as identified in the 2012 neighborhood plan update. Our UDF defines the land use and urban design recommendations, including land use regulations, streetscape design, and open space recommendations that will guide future development while ensuring Bitter Lake Village becomes a thriving center for the community. Our UDF illustrates the basis for City legislation (described below) to amend the Land Use Code.

In 2012 we partnered with the Broadview, Bitter Lake, and Haller Lake communities to update their neighborhood plan. In July 2015 we released draft legislation and issued a State Environmental Policy Act determination for proposed rezones and Land Use Code amendments to implement the plan’s recommendations. We received no comments or appeals, and are proceeding with finalizing legislation for the Mayor and Council’s review. Our proposed legislation will help carry out key actions identified by the community in their neighborhood plan.

Our legislation intended to:

  • Create a walkable, dense, mixed-use neighborhood center along the newly reconstructed Linden Ave. N
  • Encourage future development that builds on recent multifamily and mixed-use development along Linden Ave. N
  • Support the neighborhood’s pedestrian and transit orientation around N 135th St and Aurora Ave. N
  • Strengthen Aurora Ave. N as a regional commercial center and source of jobs, while enhancing its fit with surrounding communities

Our Director’s Report contains analysis of the proposed rezones, provides an assessment of the proposal’s effect on estimated growth, and the ability of local infrastructure and services to support development. We have conducted an environmental analysis and made a determination of non-significance. We are recommending adoption of the entire package of rezone proposals. To review these documents, go to our project documents page.

Project Benefits

The neighborhood plan update identifies specific steps the City and community can take to create vibrant and healthy neighborhoods that include:

  • A lively village center along Linden Avenue N.
  • Strong community organizations in Broadview, Bitter Lake, and Haller Lake
  • Balanced transportation network
  • Supportive and healthy environment

The End Result

An updated plan that reflects the community's values.

Proposed Rezones

SEPA Determination

Neighborhood Plan

Meeting Documents

Phase 3 Meeting — Goals and Strategies (November 2011)

Phase 2 Meetings — Prioritization (June 2011)

Phase 1 Meetings - Issue Identification (February-March 2011)

  • 1999 Broadview – Bitter Lake – Haller Lake Neighborhood Plan
  • Broadview / Bitter Lake / Haller Lake Status Report: We worked with the Seattle Planning Commission, the Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee, the Department of Neighborhoods, and neighborhood residents to create snapshots of this neighborhood as it is now, compared to 10 years ago. The status report will help us make informed decisions about how to update the plans.
  • Improvements to Linden Ave N: This SDOT project will transform the street into a safe, neighborhood-friendly main street for the village center.
  • New bus rapid transit service to Aurora Avenue North: The E Line, opening in September 2013, will operate between Shoreline's Aurora Village Transit Center and downtown Seattle. The RapidRide E Line will replace Route 358. We will also make sidewalk improvements to increase access to RapidRide.

1999: Neighborhood Plan Completed

March 2011: First workshop to identify what is valued about Broadview / Bitter Lake / Haller Lake, how it is changing, and the issues and opportunities that should be addressed as part of the update.

June 2011: Workshop to dig deeper into the priorities and to identify what we can do to address issues and seize opportunities.

November 2011: Open House to develop an action plan that identified the next steps to take

Spring 2012: Update Complete

Ongoing: Update development regulation, Executive recommendations and Council action

Planning and Community Development

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The Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) develops policies and plans for an equitable and sustainable future. We partner with neighborhoods, businesses, agencies and others to bring about positive change and coordinate investments for our Seattle communities.