South Delridge Action Plan

What's Happening Now? 

We are working to develop partnerships with community organizations and City departments to elevate community voices, and connect them with City departments who will collaborate on this project.

In 2023 our community survey resulted in 285 responses. The survey responses will help the City support community and focus investments in the coming years. We are analyzing these responses and will publish our findings as part of an Initial Engagement and Background Report.

In 2022, we engaged with community members at the Lowrider Block Party and Delridge Farmers Market, and also held small community events with Hope Academy as well as Southwest Early Learning and Refugee & Immigrant Family Center.

About This Project

Situated in West Seattle, the South Delridge community is made up of several neighborhoods, such as Roxhill, Westwood, Delridge, and Highland Park. South Delridge is a culturally diverse community with commercial areas that serve southern West Seattle and White Center. 
Community members in the area last completed a vision and accompanying policies to help shape the growth and investment in their neighborhood over 20 years ago. For many years, community members have expressed a desire to update their vision. 
This community planning process includes the Westwood-Highland Park Urban Village, and the surrounding South Delridge neighborhoods where people gather, shop, seek services, and recreate, that are important to communities living in the planning area. An exact planning area is being determined through the initial engagement process.

Community members will be involved in every step of defining the project, developing a vision, identifying strategies, and taking action. For more information, email Lucien Ong at

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Past Planning Documents


We will update this with an expected timeline as we move forward.

  • Background (Spring 2022)
  • Share, learn, and Vision (Summer-Fall 2022)
  • Explore Ideas and Strategies (To be determined)
  • Finalize plan (To be determined)
  • Implement (To be determined)

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