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Getting Started

So you have identified a problem in the marketplace, you’re incredibly passionate about the idea… what’s next in launching your tech startup?

Running a startup can be like a chess game; you visualize a series of moves and an outcome, and order does matter. In the below, we’ve provided links for the following topics:

  • assembling your team
  • validating customer needs
  • getting your legal house in order
  • financial planning
  • additional resources

You may need to lather, rinse, and repeat, but please check out this step-by-step flowchart to help you along your journey!

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Assemble Your Team

Do you have a co-founding team?

The startup rollercoaster encompasses exhilarating highs, and on occasion, the depths of despair. Conventional wisdom suggests don’t go it alone. Are you a business person with big dreams of a technology startup? A technical co-founder with a shared vision won’t just get you to “minimum viable product,” but can pave the way to long-term success.

Check out these events and opportunities to meet like-minded entrepreneurial folks, where initial encounters and hands-on experiences can lead to a long-term relationhip. Make sure to check out Startup Seattle’s calendar for upcoming events.

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Validate Customer Needs

Will customers pay for the solution?

Before investing your hard-earned money on fully developing a product or service, you need to make sure customers are willing and able to pay for your solution. Check out following resources to help you get started with the customer validation process.

You already have a consumer product or creative project?

In this new world of financing, crowd-funding can be a powerful way to road-test your product, get paid for market validation, and get a head-start on customer acquisition.

You need help with market development?

Seattle’s ecosystem offers both affordable outsourcing of well-defined projects, as well as educational opportunities to empower yourself. Here are just a few examples:

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Conquer Financial Planning

You have your team, identified your customer base, and legal housekeeping under your belt.

Once you’ve checked everything off of the above list, you should be moving towards a “minimum viable product” (MVP). Remember when pitching your business to funders, a demo is critical; you need to be able to show, not just tell.

Telling your story is mission-critical; download our free business plan template as a starting point, and review the Alliance of Angels’ presentation guidelines for tips on your investor deck

Do you have a scalable business?

You are starting small but thinking big. Consider applying to accelerator programs and once you’ve gained some market traction and momentum, seek funding through Angel/Seed Investing.

Do you have a small business?

With business plan in hand, small business entrepreneurs may consider the following resources for seed funding:

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Ready, Set, Go!

As you’re building your team, seeking customer validation, getting your legal ducks in a row and pursuing financing, be sure to check out our resources page.

And don’t hesitate to set up office hours with the Startup Advocate to assist you on your journey! Best of luck.