About Startup Seattle


Seattle is bustling with entrepreneurial activity and the startup spirit, from Pioneer Square to the University of Washington, after-school activities to industry meetups, garages to co-working spaces.  StartupSeattle will help you navigate this sea of resources and connections, and serve as a megaphone for our region's success. Powered by the City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development, this site brings you:

  • Resources: ever-expanding list of organizations and services for tech-startups.
  • Stats: data and insights about the local startup landscape
  • Newsletterhighlights from the above.

But wait, there's more!  We're committed to shared prosperity in our city, and will work to:

  • Measure and promote the impact of tech startups on our economy.
  • Foster startup communities. As the flow of entrepreneurial ideas is nurtured by talent, resources and key business services, we will help support and create innovation centers in Pioneer Square, South Lake Union, the University District, the Central Area, and beyond.
  • Improve diversity and inclusion in tech. Focusing particularly on underserved communities and students, we'll partner with training providers, community organizations, and the private sector to provide meaningful experiences in technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Expand opportunities in technology. The Seattle region was designated a TechHire community in 2016, aiming to fill the growing number of open tech jobs. This initiative for underemployed adults convenes employers, educators and workforce partners to provide accelerated training, internship and employment opportunities in the technology sector by aligning employers with training providers like Ada Developers Academy, a software development training for women; Unloop, training for people who have been in prison to succeed in careers in tech; and Floodgate Academy, a developer operations training focused on underrepresented communities. Learn more at seattle.gov/techhire.

Seattle is a great place to live and work. With all of these ingredients for success, together we can make Seattle the best place in the world to startup.

Have Questions?

Contact our Startup Advocate, David Harris, for assistance: david.harris@seattle.gov, 206-684-3348.

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