Marra Farm

Address: 9026 4th Ave S


  • Youth Garden(s)
  • Giving Garden(s)

About The P-Patch

Number Of Plots: 39 garden plots, 24 greenhouse plots, 3 large tract plots
Established: 1997
Size: 5,600 sq. ft.
Wait Time: 0-6 months

At Marra Farm, located in South Park's Marra-Desimone Park, people come to learn about organic produce cultivation, food-related issues, and environmental stewardship. The farm supports a regular P-Patch Community Garden as well as large tract farming. It also currently supports a production level farming group named City Grown that was an outcome of the Seattle Farms Pilot Project. Currently, the following organizations are sharing space at Marra Farm: Solid Ground, Young Women Empowered, Salsa de la Vida, Mien Community Garden, Flowers Sow Urban, Casa Surya Healing, Marra Farm Chicken Cooperative, P-Patch Community Gardening, Senior Garden, Bee Keeper.

Get Involved!
If you are interested in designing, building, or gardening in this or any other P-Patch, find out more about the P-Patch sign-up process here. To sign up as a P-Patch participant, call 206-684-0264, email, or sign up online.