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Historic Preservation

Due to impacts of COVID-19, Seattle City Council approved emergency legislation on April 27 which allows minor project applications such as changes to signage, awnings, and storefronts be reviewed administratively by Historic Preservation Program staff until late October. New construction, demolition, and major redevelopment proposals are not eligible for administrative (staff) approval, so review of these projects will be postponed until late June or until the Historic Preservation Boards or Commissions are able to convene their meetings either in person or virtually through video conferencing.

The current Certificate of Approval application submittal process remains in place for all proposed changes to individual landmarks and properties within the city's eight historic districts. Please contact the relevant coordinator for more information. 

Seattle’s eight historic districts and more than 400 structures, sites, and objects of historic, cultural, architectural, and social importance are valuable cultural assets. Through the process of designating and protecting new and existing districts and landmarks, we work with community members to promote the aesthetic, cultural, and economic strength of Seattle.

Historic preservation in Seattle begins with community. Our historic resources provide tangible connections to the people and events that have shaped our communities and our collective histories. Learn more about the City of Seattle's Historic Preservation program and how you can get involved by watching our video below.


Sarah Morningstar, Acting Director
Address: 600 4th Avenue, 4th Floor, Seattle, WA , 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 94649, Seattle, WA, 98124-4649
Phone: (206) 684-0464
Fax: (206) 233-5142

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