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Creating a Healthy Future for Seattle Youth

Young people today are growing up with unprecedented burdens at a critical time of development. The mental struggle that Seattle’s children face can impact their education, disconnect them from their family and community, and harm their future. Mayor Harrell recognizes our kids deserve compassionate support and care that will put them on a path towards health, wellness, and a thriving future. 
With a focus on prevention and early identification of youth mental health challenges, the initiative seeks to bridge the gap between our youth and the limited professional mental health resources that are available to them. Using a community-wide approach to intervening in mental health challenges before adulthood with care and support, Reach Out Seattle looks to create a healthy future for our entire city. 

Reach Out Seattle Partners:

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Seattle is partnering with Shine Light on Depression to equip parents, caregivers, and trusted adults with the necessary tools and training to support youth in distress. Get access to their online toolkit of no-cost, ready-to-use resources, or register for staff training workshops for your organization by completing the short intake form.

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