A Safe, Welcoming, and Vibrant Downtown for All

Downtown Seattle is the heart of our city and is powered by people – residents, workers, business owners, community members, families, and visitors alike. Our Downtown Activation Plan is designed to envision and build the Downtown of today and the future together.

Our goal is a robust Downtown that is safe, welcoming, and a neighborhood for all. We want to ensure that Downtown is more than just a great place to go for work, but also a place where residents can afford to live, learn, shop, play, and more. When the Plan launched in June 2023, it established near-term goals for the first three years that focus on bringing people back Downtown while designing a future that works for all with long-term initiatives. Collaborating across levels of government and with private, nonprofit, and philanthropic partners, we are building a new Downtown that embodies our One Seattle values and vision.

The Downtown Activation Plan is centered around seven bold goals:

  • Make Downtown safe and welcoming.
  • Transform Downtown into a lively neighborhood where more people can afford to live.
  • Create a unique Downtown retail experience.
  • Make Downtown a place where people want to work and that reflects the future of our economy.
  • Celebrate Downtown Seattle’s arts, culture, sports, and entertainment.
  • Make Downtown a top destination for Seattleites and visitors year-round.
  • Create a healthy, resilient, and green Downtown.

Seattle has a unique opportunity to reimagine Downtown. We are working towards a different future that fosters a sense of belonging, safety, and support. A Downtown that is vibrant, active, and full of life. A Downtown that is YOU! Our possibilities are endless, and together we will make them happen. 

The full Downtown Activation Plan, feedback form to share your ideas, and details about progress made so far are available at downtownisyou.com.

A man enjoying the Seattle cityscape views from the observatory deck of the Space Needle.

Two people playing pickleball under the Space Needle.

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