On Monday, October 27, the Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA) and the Seattle Foundation hosted an intimate community event announcing all of the awardees of the $429,000 raised from the Mayors’ Concert for Ukraine [...]
  Updated 10/28/2022 About the New Citizen Campaign 2023-24 Program Goals Who Should Apply? Contracts and Funds Available Application Materials Submission Instructions NCC LOI Zoom Information Session Video Recording FAQ (Frequently Asked [...]
A partir del lunes, 12 de septiembre, la ciudad de Seattle distribuirá comidas a los niños en casi 50 ubicaciones de la ciudad 从 9 月 12 日周一开始,西雅图市政府将在全市近 50 个地点向儿童分发餐点 시애틀시 9월 12일 월요일부터 도시 전역의 50군데에 이르는 장소에서 어린이들에게 식사 제공 예정 Thành Phố Seattle sẽ phân [...]
La ciudad proporcionará centros recreativos para niños en edad escolar ante la huelga de maestros y el retraso del inicio de clases 为应对教师罢工及学校延迟开课,本市将提供学童休闲安置中心 시애틀시, 교사 파업 및 개학 연기에 대응하여 취학 연령 아동을 위한 레크리에이션 방문(drop-in) 센터 제공 Thành phố cung cấp các [...]
Alessandra (Alex) Roque, External Affairs Intern My name is Alessandra (Alex) Roque (she/her), and I’m delighted to join the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA) as the newest External Affairs Intern. This fall, I will start my junior year [...]