The Human Services Department (HSD) works closely with partners in various communities throughout the City of Seattle. Find the most up to date information, policies, and manuals if you are interested in partnering with HSD to become a part of an integrated regional human service system.

Funding Process Manual

The Funding Process Manual contains the Department's policy, and outlines specific guidelines and procedures related to planning, developing, and implementing funding processes for HSD's programmatic investments. It is intended to provide an overall structure for HSD funding processes, the steps required or recommended for planning and implementation of a funding process, due diligence guidelines, and links to key documents or websites. The guidelines and procedures are intended to be comprehensive, but during most funding processes questions may arise that are not already answered here. For more information, please contact the Funding Process Advisor:

Sola Plumacher at or or (206) 247-1645

Funding Process Manual 

Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest Statement

Contract Monitoring Manual

The Contract Monitoring Manual contains the Department's guidelines and procedures related to monitoring contracts. It is intended to be a reference tool for HSD staff and provide overall structure and guidance for HSD contract monitoring. Stewardship—one of HSD's core values—requires the Department to serve as an effective manager of critical public resources like funding. Much of the Department's funding is contracted out to service providers. For more information, please contact the Contract Policy Advisor:

Milica Veselinovic at or (206) 684-0697      

Contract Monitoring Manual

Contract Development Manual

The Contract Development Manual contains HSD's guidelines and procedures related to developing, processing, and executing contracts for HSD's programmatic investments. It provides an overall structure and guidance for HSD contract development and basic information about HSD contract requirements.

Contract Development Manual

Finance Policies

HSD's Leadership Team establishes written policies on various topics to provide consistent guidance to all staff.  This site contains a comprehensive list of all finance-related policies for the Human Services Department (HSD). The policies apply to all HSD employees. For more information, please contact the Finance Manager:

Pat Cole at or (206) 684-0608.      

Policy No.

Policy Title Last Update
Cash Handling   
95-22 Money Items Received 09/20/1995
Financial Records   
95-16 Archiving Financial Records 08/11/2010
Food & Beverage   
95-8 Food & Beverage Paid by Department Resource and Volunteer or Employee Recognition 05/01/2006
Hold Harmless Directive   
HSD Hold Harmless Directive FAQs 05/05/2020
HSD Hold Harmless Directive Extension / Revised FAQs 05/28/2020
HSD Hold Harmless Directive Final  / Revised FAQs 06/02/2020
95-10 Agency Subcontractor Invoices 10/17/2016
95-2 First Time Payment to a Vendor 08/11/2010
95-21 Vehicle Fines, Parking Citations, Impounds 09/20/1995
IT Assets   
95-11 Keeping Track of City Equipment 09/20/1995
2018-01 IT Asset Purchases 01/02/2018
2018-02 Computer Replacements 01/02/2018
New Grants/Projects   
95-15 Project Setup/Numbering 08/11/2010
95-14 Bulk Mail Postage Payments 08/11/2010
95-13 Postage Payments 09/20/1995
95-4 Purchasing - Blanket Contract 08/11/2010
95-3 Purchasing - Direct Voucher 07/15/2013
95-6 Purchasing - Emergency Purchasing 07/15/2013
95-5 Purchasing - Purchase Contract 07/15/2013

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