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Along with construction inspection services, plan review ensures buildings under construction and those being remodeled are in accordance with the Seattle Fire Code and that key safety systems such as fire alarms and fire sprinklers are designed correctly and work properly at the time the building is occupied.

How to submit your plans

Fire protection system plans must be submitted electronically to the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI). See CAM 5002, Electronic File Standards: Shop Drawings for Fire Protection Systems for additional information. SDCI has provided additional resources:

Plan Review and Inspection Fees

Fees for plan review are separate and in addition to any SDCI fees. Seattle Fire Plan Review fees are collected by cashiers at SDCI or online when you pay for SDCI permits. 

Plan Review Fee
Building plans and fire protection system designs  $305 per hour (one hour minimum) 

$305 per hour, with a one-hour minimum and thereafter in quarter-hour increments.

The length of time to review a plan will vary with the size and complexity of the project. Plans that are unusual, request a variance, or have errors or omissions, are likely to incur a higher fee as a lengthier plan review will be required. The range of fees provided below is expected to cover most projects. As plans differ, the fees may be less or more than the ranges indicated below.

Estimates of the range of time it may take to review types of plans.

Description Estimated Range for Review
Hours Fee
Minor Tenant Improvement - Fire Alarm  1 hour  $305
Minor Tenant Improvement - Fire Sprinkler  1 hour  $305
4 Story Mixed Use or Residential - Fire Alarm  2 - 3 hours  $610 - $915
4 Story Mixed Use or Residential - Fire Sprinkler  4 - 8 hours  $1,200 - $2,440  
6 - 7 Story Mixed Use - Fire Alarm  2 - 4 hours  $610 - $1,220
6 - 7 Story Mixed Use - Fire Sprinkler  5 - 15 hours  $1,525 - $4,575
High Rise - Fire Alarm  6 - 12 hours  $1,830 - $3,660 
High Rise - Fire Sprinkler  12 - 18 hours  $3,660 - $5,490 

Fees are collected by SDCI when you pay for permits and/or receive your approved plan set.

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