Seattle Fire Walter Kilgore Memorial Honor Guard


The Walter Kilgore Seattle Firefighters Honor Guard was conceived in 2000 by the Seattle Fire Fighters Benevolent Association now known as Seattle’s Bravest Charity (SBC). It was made possible by a generous donation from Mary Anne Kilgore (and the law firm Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender) in memory of her husband Lt. Walter Kilgore, who perished in the line of duty at the Pang Warehouse Fire on January 5th, 1995.


The purpose of the honor guard shall be to show last and final full honors to Seattle firefighters who have died in the “line of duty” as well as to participate in ceremonies honoring “non-line of duty” deaths for both active and non-active members of the Seattle Fire Department and “line of duty” deaths for other fire departments. The Walter Kilgore Seattle Firefighters Honor Guard will also operate and maintain a Color Guard consisting of flags and axes.

Honor Guard Line of Duty Deaths

Key Contacts

  • HG Commander
    Pierre Gauweiler
    (360) 620-7406
  • HG Deputy Commander
    Chris Sullivan
    (206) 713-7034 
  • Drill Officer
    Brian Root
    (206) 714-3333
  • Historian
    Joseph Stout
    (206) 388-9102
  • Quartermaster
    Kevin Leslie
    (206) 941-9183