Seattle Film Production Resources

Seattle has an extensive number of filmmaking resources available to filmmakers of every experience level. Resources range from cast and crew directories, production stages and studios, post-production facilities, skilled industry workers, labor unions, educational institutions, and networking events.  

Contact the Seattle Film Office by phone: (206) 233-3948 or email: We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


The City of Seattle summers are pleasantly warm and sunny in the mid-70°F range, and rarely above 88°F. Seattle winters are generally overcast and wet, and rarely below freezing.  Warm-weather activities generally occur from early July to late September.

Seattle is only hours away from snow capped mountains to the east, and pacific ocean shores to the west.  Western Washington’s Olympic National Rainforest peninsula boasts as one of the wettest places on earth, and Eastern Washington’s amber waves of grain have inspired anthem lyrics.  Name a climate and weather pattern, we have it.

Work hard, play hard!  When the camera wraps, explore Seattle’s fine dining, discover local live music and nightlife venues, and immerse in the culture and soul of the city. 

Visit Seattle is your go-to for information on popular neighborhoods, venues, restaurants, cultural events and experiences, and much more.

Many of Seattle’s neighborhoods and business districts are represented by organizations who can help your production land and wrap positively.  We encourage productions to reach out to these organizations before filming.  They can help you navigate our neighborhoods, and identify partnerships between productions and local businesses!

Please visit the Office of Economic Development’s Only in Seattle page for information on Business Improvement Areas and Business District Organizations.

Seattle Film Manual
All the information you need for a successful shoot in the City of Seattle can be found in the Seattle Film Manual. This includes insurance coverage, street parking reservations, street and park use, police hires, drone use, and contacts for popular private properties. Please review the Manual before beginning the permit application process.

M5 Creative Building
Seattle Office of Economic Development and Seattle Center have partnered to offer temporary, low-cost film production office space.  Whether you're a one-day commercial or a six-month episodic series, we can accommodate you!

Seattle Property Map
Use this map to determine if property where you are looking to film is owned publicly or privately.

Seattle Street Parking Map
Use this map to the determine the number of parking spaces available at your filming locations, and parking space numbers for your permit application.

Seattle Park Finder
Use this tool to learn about features each Seattle park offers, and to narrow down your choices if you’re not able to scout in person.

Non-City Film Contacts
Some popular filming locations in the City of Seattle are privately owned and require separate permissions directly through the property owner for filming.

UAS (Drone) Use Policies
The City of Seattle permits UAS (drones) which take off or fly over public City property, following the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules and regulations regarding commercial drone use.

The Production Directory
Washington Filmworks' Production Directory is a one-stop-shop for all your statewide production needs. The Production Directory includes crew, production companies, post-production services, vendors, and support services throughout Washington State. Are you a Washington crew or business? Register for free at the Production Directory registration page

Washington Filmworks Resource List
From minor work permit policies, to local unions, to Green Filmmaking standards, and local film school programs, Washington Filmworks’ resource page is a comprehensive guide for film production needs across Washington State. 

SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local
SAG-AFTRA is the national union representing actors, background and stunt performers, dancers, singers and royalty musicians, and television and radio broadcast journalists in all areas of recorded and live-broadcast media. The Seattle Local represents approximately 1,400 members in our four-state jurisdiction (WA, ID, MT & AK) with a majority living in the Greater Puget Sound region.  SAG-AFTRA production agreements cover the full-gamut of performance in recorded media:  Television, radio, theatrical, music and sound recordings, interactive, audiobooks, and new and streaming media, as well as live-streaming and broadcast. Information on membership can be found online here, and Information for producers wishing to engage SAG-AFTRA members can be found here.

Local Contact: Chris Comte, Senior Business Representative, (206) 457-6535 /

I.A.T.S.E. Local 488, Studio Mechanics of the Pacific NW
IATSE Local 488 represent crews that work in all of the IATSE motion picture crafts, with the exception of those in the camera department, production designers, and art directors.  The Pacific NW jurisdiction covers Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Northern Idaho.

Local Contact: Melissa Purcell, Business Agent, (206) 251-8002 /

I.A.T.S.E Local 600, International Cinematographers Guild
The International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600) represents directors of photography, camera operators, visual effects supervisors, still photographers, camera assistants, film loaders, all members of camera crews and publicists. Local 600 is national local for all camera department members which allows everyone to work under the same contracts and conditions, no matter where they live or work. There are many experienced Local 600 members who live in the Pacific Northwest and are available to work locally.

Local Contact: Xiomara Comrie, Assistant Western Region Director |

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local #174 Drivers, Location Managers & Scouts
Local 174 represent crews that work as drivers, location managers and scouts in the motion picture craft. The Pacific NW jurisdiction covers Washington State. 

Local Contact: Patty Warren, Director of Negotiations, Teamsters Local 174, (206) 441-7470 /

State Film Incentive Program

With one of the nation’s most competitive markets for independent film and commercial production, Washington Filmworks provides funding assistance for feature films, episodic series, and commercials. Washington Filmworks offers funding assistance for qualified in-state expenditures of up to 30% for motion pictures and episodic series with less than six episodes, and up to 35% for episode series with  six episodes or more. For commercials, Washington Filmworks offers funding assistance for qualified in-state expenditures of up to 15% for commercials. For more information about the Washington State Production Incentive Program, visit this page.

In addition to managing the state’s Production Incentive Program, Washington Filmworks also manages other resources for the creative industries in Washington State including a film location database,  robust production directory, and an established  network of film liaisons across the state.

Seattle has many commercial, community, and educational organizations and groups  for those looking to get involved,  stay informed, and connect with the local film community and industry.

If you have suggestions for resources, please e-mail


Local Film Festivals

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Film School Programs / Education and Professional Development

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Local Sound Stages and Studios

Local Independent Cinemas and Video Rentals

Seattle is home to one of the last remaining video rental stores in the US - the legendary Scarecrow Video. Scarecrow Video features one of the largest and most diverse physical media collections in the world!

Gear Rentals

    Film and Music

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    The Office of Film and Music is devoted to promoting Seattle's film and music industries. The Seattle Film and Music Office is a streamlined resource for all of your film and music needs.