Help with Citywide Event Calendar

Thanks for choosing the new City of Seattle event calendar to make an event submission to our public calendar.

Get help using the Event Calendar.

You do not have to register or sign in before using the new Seattle.Gov event calendar.

The new Seattle.Gov event calendar is moderated. All public submissions will be reviewed by a City of Seattle calendar moderator, who will approve them for posting on the live calendar.

Events deemed inappropriate for posting to the City calendar, per our event submission policies and guidelines, or that are duplicates of existing postings on the City calender, will not be approved for posting.

Items submitted for consideration to be posted on the City calendar will be reviewed during business hours (8am - 5pm) on weekdays and, if approved, posted to the calendar within 2 business days of submission. Items submitted after business hours on Fridays and over the weekends will not be reviewed for posting until the following business week.

The following pieces of information are required to submit an event to the calendar:

  • Name of Submittor
  • Email of Submittor
  • Phone # of Submittor
  • Type of Event (such as Community, Arts, Business, etc.)
    If you are submitting an event for a volunteer work party, make sure to choose "Volunteer/Work Party" for your event type.
  • Neighborhood (such as Belltown, Fremont, etc. If you don't find it in the list, just choose the area or areas closest to you)
  • Event Title
  • Event Location (such as name of building or venue)
  • Event Address (with street address, city and state)
  • Event Date and Time
  • Event Contact Name
  • Event Target Audience (such as Adults, Children, Teens, etc.)
  • Event Cost (if any; default is Free)

Please have all of this information ready to complete and submit the event form. Without this information, you will not be able to submit the event form.

If your event is on multiple days at different times, choose a selection from the Repeat dropdown menu, then check/enter in the days/times that repeat for the series of events. Be sure to check the end date in the series.

The following pieces of information might be useful for the event calendar, and are included on the submission form, but are not required to submit an event:

  • Facility/Site (such as a building room #)
  • Community Center (if the event is in a City Community Center)
  • Park (if the event is in a City Park)
  • Pool (if the event is at a City Pool)
  • Sponsoring Organization of Event
  • Event Contact Phone
  • Event Contact Fax
  • Event Contact Email
  • Event Site Contact Details
  • Pre-Register for Event Required?
  • Web Link About Event
  • Extra Notes About Event (such as Event Description)

Please enter valid contact information. Lack of valid contact information on your submission form (such as no phone number and/or email address) may delay or prevent your event's inclusion on the Seattle.Gov calendar.

Please do not place any HTML code or any any other type of code in the submission fields on the form. Any submissions that contain any type of code will not be approved.

Ongoing Events may be posted on the Seattle.Gov Calendar up to a year out from the current date of event submission. Any ongoing events submitted to the Seattle.Gov Calendar that extend beyond a year from date of event submission will be edited by the Calendar Moderator to extend for only one year beyond the submission date.

After sending the Event Calendar Submission Form, you will receive a confirmation email of your event submission. The submission will then be processed for approval.