Food Action Plan

What is the Food Action Plan?

The Food Action Plan outlines priorities, strategies, and actions to improve our local food system while advancing the City of Seattle's interrelated goals of race and social justice, food security, environmental sustainability, economic development, and emergency preparedness. The Plan is also a framework to coordinate and align the many City departments that develop and implement food programs and policies.

What's Happening Now?

A multi-department effort is underway to update the Food Action Plan for the first time in 10 years. The COVID-19 crisis worsened persistent inequities in the food system and highlighted the importance of resilience during emergencies and an equitable recovery. The updated Food Action Plan will lay out strategies to foster an equitable, sustainable, and resilient food system. 

Focused engagement with communities most impacted by food system inequities is already underway to identify key priorities for the updated Food Action Plan. This spring and summer 2022, there will be additional opportunities for residents, community groups, and other stakeholders to provide input on the Plan.

Updates and opportunities will be posted on this webpage. 

2012 Food Action Plan

The first Food Action Plan was developed in 2012 and intended to be a five-year roadmap to increase access to affordable, healthy, culturally appropriate food; expand opportunities to grow food in the City; strengthen our regional food economy; and reduce food-related waste. 

Food Policies and Programs

The Food Action Plan is implemented by multiple City departments working in collaboration with many community stakeholders and partners. The Plan aims to align with other City initiatives including the Equity & Environment Initiative, Race and Social Justice Initiative, and various Planning and Community Development initiatives.  

Click on the links below to visit the webpages of select food policies and programs across the City. 

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