Green New Deal Oversight Board

Green New Deal Oversight Board

Seattle City Council voted to form the Green New Deal Oversight Board (Ordinance 125926) to advance the work of establishing a Green New Deal for Seattle. The Seattle Green New Deal Oversight Board is composed of representatives who are passionate about advancing an equitable transition to a clean energy economy, centering frontline communities and workers most impacted by climate change. 

The Oversight Board will work towards developing a workplan that includes:

  1. Establishing a definition of what constitutes a policy, program or project that advances a Green New Deal for Seattle;
  2. Provides proposals for the design of new policies, programs, and projects and for modifications to existing policies, programs and projects to the Mayor, City Council, and City departments to advance a Green New Deal for Seattle;
  3. Supporting the planning and implementation of individual City Departmental actions, policies, programs, and practices, to make Seattle climate-pollution free by 2030;
  4. Provides recommendations on City budget priorities and priority City actions; and
  5. Coordinates efforts with City departments and existing committees, boards, and commissions.

To learn more about the Green New Deal Oversight Board's work please visit:

Sustainability and Environment

Jessyn Farrell, Director
Address: 700 5th Avenue, #1868, Seattle, WA, 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 94729, Seattle, WA, 98124-4729
Phone: (206) 256-5158

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