Seattle's Environmental Progress

April 2019

We are pleased to share this update on Seattle's environmental progress toward our climate and environmental goals. The City prioritizes actions and initiatives that foster healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy and flourishing natural environment. Partnerships and collaboration among City departments, community organizations, and residents and businesses have been instrumental in advancing Seattle's environmental goals.

This report provides a high-level overview of our climate and environmental accomplishments to date as well as highlights opportunities for improvement. Our work to protect the climate and our environment is also a fight for social justice. As we continue with this work, we recognize that not all residents in Seattle experience our environmental progress equally. People of color in our city are more likely to live near polluted sites, suffer from environment-related health problems, and have less access to healthy fresh food and open space.  

Seattle enjoys a worldwide reputation for being an environmental leader. We continue to work to create a city where all residents benefit equally from our environmental achievements.